Getting Started – Instagram for Business

Posted on May 27, 2014 | 0 comments

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1 Start with clear goals

Consider how Instagram fits into your overall brand marketing strategy. Is your objective to increase awareness, shift perception, or reach a new audience?

Pick a goal or two that can be achieved by connecting with Instagram’s highly visual and creative community.

2 Choose themes to tell a cohesive story

Choose story lines that are authentic to your brand and are best conveyed through captivating imagery.

Create posts that follow these themes for a diversity of content that also remains consistent over time.

3 Take the time to create high-quality content

Work with your brand or creative team to produce images and videos that are well-crafted and feel at home on the platform.

Or, if you’re a one-person shop, take some time to learn from other brands and popular Instagrammers and follow their lead.

Getting Started – Instagram for Business.

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