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Posted on Oct 3, 2013 | 0 comments

Twitter has announced a new push notification in its twitter apps for Android and iPhone that will deliver personalized recommendations for tweets and accounts to follow. The new notification is based on the long-running @magicrecs experiment, which monitored the people you follow to see who they followed and what tweets they were re-tweeting.

The new notification will leverage the unique data that Twitter has at its fingertips to recommend you new accounts to follow, and if the @magicrecs experiment is any indication, it will be scary accurate, fast and genuinely useful. I’ve been a follower of the account for some time now, which is run by a special department at Twitter which creates experiments on the platform. Nearly every recommendation of a tweet or user account has been spot on, and I’ve felt no hesitation telling folks about it. It’s so scary good that I learn about new hires at companies within seconds, sometimes even before the official announcements. And I’ve yet to unfollow any accounts that I’ve followed because of it.

via Twitter Launches Personalized Recommendation Notifications Based On @Magicrecs Experiment | TechCrunch.

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