Do you use Facebook for business

Posted on Jun 26, 2014 | 0 comments

facebook-2Do you use Facebook for business? Have you been perplexed as to how your company can actually reap the benefits of the number one social network? Look no farther! I would like to help walk you through the basics of Facebook for the company owner and lift that fog of confusion.

You’re Timeline Image
It’s possible for you to get as creative as you want with your image or an exceptional picture, and you’ll be able to change it up as frequently as you want. The dimensions are 851 pixels by 315 pixels.

As you review the content in your wall, you may determine to fix the privacy settings on a post-by-post foundation. To do so, just click the audience selector icon and choose the level of visibility you wish for that post. Since you are review the amount of friends which you now have, give thought regarding your strategy for using your private profile. You may want to keep your profile for joining just with family members and with friends you already understand. Or, you may want to combine both your individual and professional worlds. An increasing variety of Facebook users are opening up their private profiles for more visibility, with the new Subscribe choice.

My recommendation is to use your profile for a combination of professional networking and both private interaction. No matter how you select to use your profile, you will need to double check all your Privacy Settings.

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